Saturday, March 17, 2012

Week One Wrap Up

Week One Wrap Up

Friday: I was supposed to meet Krista at the gym for a 60 minute interval/circuit workout, but I was super late and we only did about 35 minutes for 300 calories burned. Even though I was late and the workout was cut short, I really enjoyed it.  It was our first go at this new workout and it went pretty well.  We are doing it again on Tuesday, so I will post that complete workout later.

Saturday: Went to "The Class".  Not good.  It was the first time I had ever been to a class in which the owner taught and I was so disappointed.  I was there for 55 minutes and only burned 400 calories.  This is with me increasing the speeds on my own.  The cardio bouts were the problem- he would have us sprint then drop to a walk. Then he'd forget about us! We'd be walking at a 4.0 for half of the rotation. Not Happy. I imagine this was just a bad day, since a lot of people rave about him. Still, I won't take his class again.

Sunday: I had to make up for Friday and Saturday so I had to step up my workout on Sunday.  On my lunch hour (yes, I actually have work on Sunday's), I went to GoCycle for the GoBarbell class.  This was March 11th.  This was in Michigan.  This was OUTSIDE! And it was amazing.  What a gorgeous day and a fantastic workout!  I was late to class (not a good week for me being on time), so I missed a round of walking lunges. I'm sure my calorie burn would have exceeded 300 had I been on time, but as it was, I burned 250 in 35 minutes.

After work I decided to take advantage of the fact that I work in a 12 story building and I ran the stairs.  I ran up and then took the elevator down.  I did this 5 times = 60 flights of stairs.  I can't say I ran it all, it was hard!  I would run 6 flights, walk one, run 3, walk one, finish and head down; or sometimes I'd run the steps and walk the landings in between each set. I burned 250 calories in 25 minutes.

I'm really happy with this Sunday work out and think I will do it every Sunday.

And finally- Sunday is Weigh In Day- I lost 1.5 lbs. I'm thrilled with this.

Here's a picture of my boys, enjoying the weather

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