Sunday, March 25, 2012

Saturday Afternoon

I have not been doing anything remotely crafty since I started really working out.  Since "craft" is in the title of this blog, I figured I better get my act together.

I was sitting down at my kitchen table thinking "what shall I craft?".  I tried to get up and was attached to the chair via play doh and god only knows what else. Aha- the chairs!

About six months ago I recovered ONE of the chairs.  Then I just never got around to doing the rest.  It's so pathetic- it could not be easier. Why didn't I do it?

Backing up- about the chairs. These chairs are about 25 years old.  My husband is the youngest of six kids and  these were the kitchen chairs he had while growing up.  About five years ago his parents finally upgraded (that's after 6 kids and-at that point-thirteen grandchildren) and we were the only takers for the kitchen set.When we received the chairs, the seats were covered in a brown pleather and I covered that with a plaid.  Two kids, two cats and a dog later- here is one of the chairs...

 The blue stuff, that's Play Doh. The white stuff? That is actually cat fur stuck to the chair with some sort of sticky foodstuff. Mortified?

When I picked out the new fabric, I knew I needed something durable and I was completely willing to forgo fashion and style.  I went extreme.  The only thing that will be sticking to these new seats are sweaty thighs in the summertime.

Yes, we went back to plastic.  Well, the fancy sewing store I bought it from calls it Oil Cloth, but really, it's vinyl. And of course..Of. Course...I was about 2 inches short of the fabric for chair number 4. I went to Haberman;s during my lunch today and bought another yard (and did some browsing).  They have this sign there, which I adore.


  1. Anonymous3/27/2012

    I love oil cloth. It is actually fabric covered in plastic. The chairs look great!

  2. They look fabulous! Have you thought about spray painting the top part to match? Maybe white or black? Might be fun!

  3. Krista, I had not thought of that- but I am now. Thinking "popcorn ball" (that's the color of the cabinets- I just love saying it)