Monday, March 5, 2012

Starting Off- It begins with a Plan- and a deep breath

Week 1: It's Monday and this is the first full week without my "class".  I'm scared. Kind of freaking out.  Really freaking out. Normally I would have class at 4:30.  Now, I have options.  I can workout now. I can workout in an hour. I can workout tonight.  That alone sends me into a panic!

I need a PLAN!  This is what I am going to do now: Head to target and buy lifting gloves. Go home and have a protein shake. Change. Go to the gym and then.........

Then what? What the heck should I do?   Lets see- maybe I should look at the week:

Sunday: I took a new class- called GoBarbell at our local Spin Studio.  It was really good.  It's all strnth training, but I did burn 300 calories since I was breathing pretty hard.  I'm not really sore today, so I might kick it up next time I go.  So Sunday I got almost no Cardio.
Monday- Did I mention I don't know what the heck I'm going to do?
Tuesday: Will be headed to the strength class at 5 am. Think I will go to the gym and do 40 mn of cardio intervals later that day.
Wednesday: Going to the class.  Yes, THE class.  I still have classes left so I am spreading them out. You didn't expect me to quit cold turkey, did you? Anyway, I will be at the 6 am class.
Thursday: Boot camp with my girlfriends and our personal trainer!!!
Friday: Gym to ???
Saturday: "THE Class" at 7 am.
Sunday: Strength Training class.

Huh...I think that helped.  I can now see that I will be getting solid strength training 2x this week.  I will have "circuits" 3 x this week- so I think I will just do cardio today.  If I find good gloves, I think I will do a rowing machine interval workout...aha! I have a plan:

Monday March 5- at YMCA
Rowing machine: 10K
First 5 K- intervals- get first 5 K done in 25 min
break- do 5-10 min abs
Second 5 K- intervals. Have 35 min to complete.

Lets see how this goes.  Hope to burn 600 calories....

Don't you just love a good plan....will check back to show that the plan was executed...

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