Monday, May 7, 2012

What I did- April 9-30

April 23-30

Monday: Spin-weighted Intervals at Go Cycle: 450 calories
Tuesday: Go Barbell and Speed work on TM: .5 mile warm up. 4x1600 repeats at 7:30/8:00 min mile pace, 1 mile cool down: 832
Wednesday: Nth Degree plus floor (for 15 min prior to class did push ups and abs): 550
Thursday: Boot camp cancelled- did Peanutbutter Fingers' At Home Circuit Workout 250 calories
Friday: Go Barbell AND GoCycle Abs: 830 calories
Saturday: Nth Degree sprinter: 500 calories
Sunday: GoBarbell   I didn't end up running- it was freezing! 282 cal.
Total Calories burned: 3694
Weight: 128 (-2)

April 16-22

Monday: Spin-weighted Intervals at Go Cycle: 530
Tuesday: 800 m warm up, 4 x1600 repeats 7:30 min mile pace, mile cool down
Wednesday: Nth Degree plus mile: 500
Thursday: Off
Friday: Off
Saturday: 5 K: 300
Sunday: GoBarbell: 250
Total Calories: 2200
Weight: 130 (-1.5)

April 9-15

Monday: Spin-weighted Intervals at Go Cycle-570
Tuesday: Go Barbell: 270
Wednesday: Nth Degree plus a mile:570
Thursday: Bootcamp: 464
Friday: Go Barbell AND "Friday Fartlek 5" - (5 miles of Fartleks):840
Saturday: Nth Degree plus a mile: 575
Sunday: "Easy like Sunday Morning" 50 minute run & GoBarbell: 675
Total Cal: 3950
Weight: 131.5

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