Friday, May 11, 2012

The most random of shopping trips.

I adore the blog "Parenting. Illustrated with Crappy Pictures".  Awhile back she posted about how you can go into target for one thing and come out with a full basket of crap you did not need.  You have to check out the whole post, but here's a great picture from it:

Her post had reminded me of a recent shopping trip of mine that I had been meaning to blog about.  I admit, my list had a lot of stuff on it.  It was mostly the odd variety of things that reminded me of her post.
I bought stickers, painting supplies, a natural air freshener thing, the thing you hand in the shower for your shampoo and stuff, a new mail box, deodorant, plastic Easter eggs, measuring cups and spoons, Play Doh, wall hooks, laundry detergent and a yard stick- among other things.

The odd hodgepodge of by booty cracked me up, so I was inspired to snap some pictures and share them with you. And it is a good excuse to urge you to check out the Crappy Pictures blog.

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