Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bliss Fest 2012

It's Saturday and Bliss is in full force. I write this from the passenger seat of our mini van.

What? All this great music and I'm I'm a van? Yup. I'm sure this is highly frowned upon at such a venue, but we are just trying to cool off!

It is HOT. It's 84, no shade,full sunshine, little breeze. Still, but for Mack we wouldn't be in the car.

Mack has had too much of the sun and heat. Add that he stayed up past midnight and woke up at 6, and you have one mess of a two year old (well, one week shy of 2).

Anyway, while there's ton to talk about, there just isn't time. I'll hopefully post a review of the festivities, along with photos, on Monday. Until then, here are a few pictures. Happy Bliss!

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