Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Big Day at the Lewis House & What I Ate Wednesday

Today is a HUGE day at the Lewis house, but more on that later....

Let's talk food!

I've decided to hop on the "What I Ate" bandwagon.  I get a lot of questions about what I eat, what I don't eat and how much.  I'm certainly not going to post what I eat every single day, but I think showing you what I ate once a week would be kind of fun and will answer some questions.

I follow Tiffany at Love, Sweat and Beers and she's been doing the What I Ate Wednesday thing for awhile, so I decided to go along for the ride. Here's the cute button for July.

 It comes from Jenn at Peas and Crayons. She comes up with little monthly themes to mix it up, like "Love Your Veggies Month" or "Sensible Snacking" you can follow, or not.  I mean, she's not going to send the blog police after me if I eat a cookie.  At least, I don't think so. This month's theme is "Fun, Food and Fitness" (which, I guess you already know, since it's actually written on the button...bare with me folks, I'm no brainiac" . This is right up my ally, since my blog is largely about food and fitness.  And I am beyond fun...right?

1) Post workout Protein shake- for some reason I didn't take a pic after I added the whey, chia seeds and water. (192 cal)
2) Vans waffle plus cottage cheese (1/4 c) plus raspberries (147)
3) 0% Greek yogurt (1/3 c) raspberries plus 1/4 c homemade muesli, drizzle organic honey (198)
4) Tuna salad (made with chia seeds, Greek yogurt, garlic aioli, spices and sun-dried tomatoes) in an Arnold Italian pocket with baby lettuces. Sides of red bell pepper and raspberries (285)
5) Baby bell lite cheese round (50) No pic.
6) 2 Egg Muffins/Egg Cups (one turkey sausage, spinach & feta, one Canadian bacon, sun dried tomato and smoked Gouda)(164)
7) 2 Buffalo wild wings buffalitos (mild sauce), no cheese no sour cream.  Chips replaced with carrot/celery boat (325)- no picture.
8) Short's Brewery Soft Parade beer- "tall". (390)

Apx 1700 calories.  I burned 300 working out so it's a net of 1400.  A little high, would've been perfect but for the beer- but it was worth it!

Overall nutrients: 32 g fat, 390 Cholesterol, 2925 Sodium, 157 Carbs, 36 fiber, 42 sugar, 136 protein,
I technically had too much Cholesterol, Sodium and sugar, but everything else was great. I'm not too worried about the cholesterol, since I know most of it came from good sources (tuna, whey, egg) and as much as I sweat in workouts.  The sodium is a bit high, the buffalitos had 1240 mg!
I was starving all day.  I think it's because I did endurance spin workouts both Sunday and Monday night.  Today I feel much, much better. Speaking of working out......

Workout Update:

I'm working on a post about my vacation workouts, hopefully I will get that up Thursday, but here's what's going on now: 
Sunday I had a treat!  I was off of work so I was able to do a class at GoCycle that I've been wanting to try since it started, "GoRehab".  It's 45 min of GoChubChub (hard to say with a straight face, btw) and 30 minutes of outdoor yoga.  I guess I should also explain GoChubChub- my new obsession.

This is not the official description, just my best attempt to explain it.  Basically, the goal is to burn fat. Studies show that when you do a ton of sprints or work at a high heart rate, you burn less fat and while you burn more calories overall, many of them come from muscle, not fat.  However, working at a somewhat lower, yet still challenging intensity for an extended period of time will burn more fat calories and this is how you get rid of that stubborn midsection (in combination with eating clean and healthy).

Class is mostly keeping your RPM at 90 while your resistance is challenging.  The goal is to be in control, breathing in through your nose.  There are some intervals where you might go to 100 rpm, or increase resistance for a short time, but in general, it's a consistent ride- in the seat.

It's tough, mentally and physically.  There are no breaks (though you are encouraged to take a drink or regroup if needed).  The first time I went to the class, it kicked my butt.  I was swimming in sweat and wiped out. For days.  It's funny, you don't get sore from this class, you get fatigued.  I take the Monday night class and turn around and come back Tuesday at 5:15 to lift, and I am a mess!

I was skeptical about the class, but it seems to be working.  I had been at a plateau for months and after 2 weeks of GoChubChub, I dropped my first pound in probably 2 months.  I took a week off for vacation, where I gained a lb.  I've been home 4 days and after 2 Chub Chub classes, that lb is gone. I also feel so much stronger physically and mentally.  Finally, I can see much more definition in my midsection, which really is my goal!

Anyway, GoRehab is a chub chub followed by yoga.  I loved the instructor.  She teaches people who are rehabilitating from injury or surgery and she gives off more of a "coach" vibe than a typical yogi vibe.  I felt I learned more in that 30 minutes than all of the classes I've taken over who knows how many years.

After GoRehab, I continued the workout fest with a GoBarbell.  It was great to get back to lifting!
Daily Total Calories Burned: 794.

Monday was my usual GoChubChub, 500 calories
Tuesday, GoBarbell: 300
Wednesday morning: Regular old spin class- 550.  

I had to work today, so I couldn't take my usual Go60 class, but instead had to take a regular spin at 6. This leads me to the exciting and wonderful part of today...Tommy is 4!!!

When I got home from class, he and Mack hadn't been up long and everyone was in my room. Tommy saw me and told me that Frank must have known he was 4 because Frank gave him "extra long birthday cuddles" and "even let me kiss him!".

There he is in his new birthday shirt, his new birthday Angry Birds hooded blanket and his present from us...."fighting toys".  Yup, he wanted what he calls "fighting toys", specifically, Power Rangers.  I'm not thrilled, but I do think it's a pretty natural thing at his age.

On the way to daycare, I asked him if he felt older.  He said he did and I asked "in what way".  "I think I'm faster now".  I'm sure he is!

Tonight we are meeting friends at the Detroit Zoo for a Wild Summer Nights concert.  It should be a blast.  Hopefully I'll have more birthday photos to share tomorrow! That said, I better run!

Happy Birthday Tommy.  And here's to the best 4 years of MY far!

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