Monday, July 9, 2012

Back from Vacation

I'll start by admitting what a FAIL that 30 day challenge was! HA! On so many levels- complete failure.  But...not one to be satisfied with a very public humiliation once- I'm here to try it again!  Why be a loser once when you can do it twice? 
So, here we go again:
1) Drink water.  
2) Blog Daily!
3) Journal Food and Exercise Daily. 
4) Connect with my kids daily. 

Even though I didn't do all these things 100%, I made great improvements with all of them- except for the blogging part!  

I was much busier before vacation that I thought I would be.  Once on vacation, I did not expect my internet access to be absolutely ZERO!  In the past I've been able to get a signal from some parts of the resort, but not this year.
So, I'm back on track- I think...

I'm not sure where to start, so I'll start small, with some cute pics of my kids on vacation. I just need to get this darn post posted! 

Here Mack enjoys his first "ice cream" cone.  Until recently, he was allergic to dairy.  He is still really sensitive to it, so he's having a sorbet- which was delicious!  I had to "help" him with the drippy parts a bit. Ah..a mother's work is never done. 
Tommy was disappointed that they didn't have his fav, Superman.  Fortunately they had another lab created flavor to quench is craving for synthetic crap food- Blue Moon. I gave it a lick.  Worse than I remembered.  Drano came to mind.
Mack started on the cone portion a bit prematurely.  Bit a hole right through the side.  "Uh oh Mama" was exclaimed numerous times, with him pointing at the hole. 
 But soon he got back to work.
What a mess! Good thing we had the washers reserved for that afternoon! Can you believe it all came out?

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