Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Getting out the door is the first step

Lately I am having a hard time getting myself to work out.  Once I start, I'm usually great, but getting moving has been a challenge.  I really don't know why.  Is it that the weather's been colder than it had been lately? Because I have so many crafty things I want to do at home? Because I am getting so close to my goal weight? I think I'm going to have to figure this out.

To get through times like this, I try to employ the "fifteen minute rule". I tell myself, "just start, and if you want to quit after 15 minutes, you can". I've never quit once I started.

It took me over an hour to get myself out the door this past Sunday, but after about five minutes, I was fine.  I've been spending my Sunday mornings going on a nice easy longish run. My "Easy Like Sunday Morning Run"  I run around downtown Royal Oak and through some of my favorite neighborhoods. I particularly enjoy window shopping. I saw this cute BlueQ tote in the window at Shine.  I have to go back and grab it.  
Sunday was a 50 minute easy run, which only burned 350 calories.  I cannot remember the exact route I took (I always do a different route on Sundays), but I think it was about 4.5 miles.  It's a little too easy and next week I need to step it up a bit.  I think the problem was that I was listening to The Hunger Games on Audible.  I was so into it I was barely moving. 

I was running late and had not prepared breakfast.  I decided I'd try a Subway breakfast after the morning rush was done at work.  At about 10 am, things slowed down, so I ran to Subway.  I had never had their breakfast, so it was all new to me.  I liked it, but it was too much food.  I got a 6 in flat bread.  Next time I will get the English muffin or breakfast size flat bread. 

The size didn't stop me from eating it all.  I got the egg white, ham, turkey, salt, pepper, olives, spinach, tomato, banana pepper, cucumbers, bell peppers, light onion and provolone.  It was really good, but sat like a rock in my stomach.  Still, according to the website, it was just 350 calories.  I certainly will be getting breakfast there again. 

While I was disappointed in my super lazy run, my muscles were still fresh and ready for GoBarbell.   One of the owners, Jimmy, was the instructor. He usually does not teach the GoBarbell classes that I go to, so I was interested in how it would go. I have only been to his spin classes, and they are my favorite- so I expected this class would be good.  He did not disappoint.  One of the reasons I like his classes so much is he does NOT do the workout with you.  He will show you what to do, but he focuses on watching and teaching.  You can also hear him because he's not short of breath because he's trying to get his workout in too. I have some hearing loss, so I really appreciate being able to hear the instructor.

I know some people feel the opposite.  They don't respect the instructor if they are not doing the workout too.  Not an issue for me.  I figure, I'm paying you to train and teach me, work out on your own time. That sounds harsh.  I don't mean it to.  I have great classes when the instructor does the work out too, I just prefer it when they focus mostly on the student.  Anyway, it was a fun class. Two of my friends from work were there, I felt great and did well. It was April 1st and at one point Jimmy says, "50 push-ups- not on your knees". I'm like "what?".  I waited for the "April Fools". It never came.

He said we could take breaks if needed. I was surprised that I did 25, then 20, then the last 5.  Three months ago I could not do a single real push up. It feels really good to be where I am.  And I look forward to being able to do all 50 without a break.

GoBarbell burned 300 calories and the run was 350, so I had 650 for the day. 

I swung into Holiday Market for my usual Sunday Salad, but I felt like something else.  I ended up with Sunday Shrimp.  No, I did not chose it for the "S", but I do like getting shrimp when I am away from my kids.  Mack is allergic to shellfish so I don't eat it when he is at all near. I ordered grilled pesto shrimp with sides of asparagus and garlic string beans.  Very good.  And expensive.  Over $10.00.  Not sure if it's worth it or not.  I could have sworn I took a picture of it, but I don't see one.  Sorry. He's a picture of one of my crazy kids jumping on the sofa instead. Delish!

I was sore Monday, which was a good thing.  I took an easy 3 mile run for 250 calories and did some stretching.  Again, it was another super slow run while trying to finish up the Hunger Games.

Tuesday brought me back to GoBarbell's 5 am class. Lisa, the other owner, taught it and wow!  I knew from Sunday's class that I needed to increase my barbell weight.  I had used two tens and Tuesday I added a 2.5 to each side for a 5 lb increase.  The increased weight was tough and Lisa was super tough.  We went non-stop for 45 minutes.  No breaks.  300 calories burned, though I am sure my muscles kept burning for awhile.  

That afternoon I went to the gym and did my mile repeat workout.  I tweaked it so that each mile is done in under 8 minutes.  This kicked my butt, but I loved it.  I did a half mile warm up and half mile cool down, then four 1 mile repeats, with apx 3 min of walking in between.  Burned 540 calories. 

I've posted the workout on it's own post, right after this, so that it's easier to get to and pull up on a smart phone. 

I think I am going to quit listening to anything during my runs.  Books distract me and while music helps (I LOVE running to The Like), the headphones, cords, iPhone armband and all that drives me nuts! I'm constantly annoyed by a cord pulling or poking or getting in my way.  The benefit from the music just does not outweigh the annoyance.  Unless I can figure something else out, I'm done with it. 

Do you listen to anything when you work out?
Music or books?
How do you deal with the cords?
How many push ups can you do? 
Do your kids jump on your sofa too? How do you get them to stop, when it seems to fun? 

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